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Rhodes Chroma

Real-time parameter changes


Instrument file available


Preset file available


Bi-directional communication


The Rhodes Chroma is a polyphonic, multitimbral, microprocessor controlled, subtractive synthesis analog synthesizer developed in 1979-1980 by ARP Instruments, Inc. just before the company's bankruptcy and collapse in 1981.

Programming was further complexed by a limited implementation of just 2 rows of membrane push-buttons. With few sliders to grab, hands-on control is cut short.

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Preset file JSON

Preset file SysEx

Original manual

Notes on Implementation

Rhodes Chroma with CC+ upgrade is required. Parameter changes are controlled with 7-bit CC messages. Patch request  change relies on SysEX message.

Synth setup

In order to be able to control Chroma with Electra following configuration must be done:

  •  Set Split + 36 and set P30 to “On”

  •  Set Split + 36 and set P6 to “On”